The photos below, which were taken during and at completion, show just a small percentage of the wardrobes we have manufactured and installed
over the years and represents real pictures of our work and therefore not just taken from anywhere.It is anticipated that from them customers will be
able to get a good overall impression of the type and quality of workmanship that we endevour to achieve and so increase their confidence in using us
as their craftsmen of choice, for their own particular prodjects

Left: Wardrobes in natural pine.The doors were made to match the original,'thirties style', bedroom door-hence the longest panels at the bottom.

Below: White painted fitted wardrobe,doors with planted on moulding for traditional panelled effect providing ample storage space with an airy bright appeal.

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Left: Wardrobe constructed in solid douglas fir.The middle, mirrored door
compartment has wooden shelves for socks & underwear etc.
Shoes can be conveniently stored on the bottom of each compartment

Right: Wardrobe, cupboards and bookcase in white painted hardwood
This was a smallish room to be made into a bedroom. The design idea
was to make full use of the triangular area with a built in wardrobe
and cupboards above and over the door The ceiling was very high so
we could position the 3 metre long bookcase high enough above
where the bed is to go
The small triangular area to the left, which otherwise would be
redundant, was made use of for ornaments etc
The mortise and tenon doors were made in a similar style to the adjacent
entrance door.
Below: Oak wardrobes built into the alcoves. The LHS alcove has a different shape (part of the roof cuts across top lhs corner Looksee)
so the uppermost door there has aesthetic value only, without any cupboard inside! Each drobe has one compartment devoted
to shelves, with upper and lower hanging rails in the LHS wardrobe and single rail in the RHS

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Below: More oak wardrobes with doors made in similar style and proportions to existing bedroom entrance doors.
Bedroom 1 - widest alcove

Bedroom 2 - narrow alcove

Bed/study room - Utility cupboard

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